LIVE STREAM: Expected Clash Between Antifa & Trump Supporters in Berkeley Today

Update: It appears that Antifa and other left-wing groups abandoned today’s plans to confront Trump supporters. Fortunately, there was no violence in Berkeley as a result.

Watch a live stream below of today’s expected showdown in Berkeley. Recent tensions between the extreme left and supporters of Donald Trump are reaching a fever pitch, and are expected to explode in potentially serious altercation this afternoon. The last several “Battles of Berkeley” have seen extreme leftist groups, battle-for-berkeleysuch as Antifa, facing off with supporters of Donald Trump in violent confrontations. Given recent incidents there, even more violent clashes are feared during today’s events.

While conservative pundit Ann Coulter canceled her planned speech for today, other right-wing public figures have announced that they will be speaking in her place. Either way, on the political right, demonstrators say they plan on showing up to march in defense of free speech. Leftist groups, meanwhile, claim that the right wingers are “nazis” with views and platforms that should be violently suppressed for the greater good. Emotions are high on both sides, creating a powder keg for serious political unrest.

Credit to YouTube channel WeAreChange for their streaming:

Watch an alternative/additional live stream here.

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