One Belt One Road (OBOR) Forum

As I predicted, the US has decided to send a delegation to the OBOR Forum in Beijing (May 14-16).

A total of 29 heads-of-state will personally be in Beijing to attend the Forum.

This is China’s official film relating to the OBOR Forum in Beijing. You should watch it to understand China’s world views and Xi Jingping’s vision for the future. The US delegation will be headed by Matthew Pottinger, the top White House advisor on China who was heavily involved in the “Sing-Song” diplomacy.

Many other business leaders will be there for some high-power networking. This, and other high-level international gatherings, reminds one of the era of diplomacy following the 1815 Congress of Vienna.

Despite the Trump administration’s skeletal team, some significant progress is being made in the Roadmap process.

(a)The first batch of new agreements on trade and investment issues has been confirmed and soon-to-be-announced. This is just part of the results from the 100-day pledge at the Apr 6 Florida summit between Xi and Trump. Once the US side is more fully staffed, the final stage of negotiations on the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIS)will hopefully be concluded soon. My next proposal is to proceed with talks on a Currency and Monetary Cooperative Framework. That will go a long way toward building the foundation for global peace for a long time into the future.

(b)Equally important, in order to establish growing mutual trust, are the preliminary discussions on military arms and development of transfinite warfare capabilities. At this stage, the most sensitive talks cannot be held on an official basis yet. There are signs that the groundwork is being laid through dialogues at the “deep levels”, evidenced recently by both sides beginning to make public more new weapons and technologies that were not announced previously (more heavily on the Chinese end of the scale, as it turned out). This is step one – calling each other out, in a business-like and responsible manner, so that there will be less imponderable variables when serious official talks are ready to take place. Only when both sides have come sufficiently clean and verified can trust be built step-by-step. This is a long process that could be disrupted by the instability of Trump’s presidency, but should survive it. In the meantime, some US personnel are continuing to be unruly, doing things on their own volition rather than following orders. It can be quite worrisome.


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