Bilderberg: The World’s Most Secretive Conference


What is the Bilderberg “Club”?

It is not what you would normally think of as a club. Here is how I would describe it.

It is an international group of relatively high-powered technocrats and significant economic and political players assembled to serve the Western capital oligarchs. There is no vested membership, just various mailing and circulation lists that evolve periodically, with invitations to its annual meetings being the highest and most exclusive recognition. It is understood that those invited are expected to be condescending to the global agenda and modus operandi of the oligarchs. The purpose of their attendance and participation is to help their propagation and future direction.

Practically, it serves a very important function — the vetting of future leaders of Western nations and ensure their subscription to the global agenda and consensus of the agreed-upon Order. It is like a beauty contest for political aspirants or, putting it in street lingo, a Dog Show for the bosses who collectively own the Western world. Past winners and bests-of-show included a majority of those who became heads-of-state and/or senior ministers of Western nations. Notable examples are Tony Blair (the Poodles category), Bill Clinton (the deft Retrievers category), Al Gore(the odd-job Sheep Dog category), Kevin Rudd (the dog-biscuit-loving Pekingnese). There are also dismal failures, a list too long to enumerate. Not everybody makes it, no matter how hard he/she tries to suck.

Another important function it serves is to determine who are the new oligarchs. That is also like a beauty contest. In recent years, a constant stream of Cyber moguls have been “invited” to bear their souls in front of the fraternity. Some of them were gate-crashers on the Order, but all of them were actually secretly being vetted. What they will face is a learning process. Those who suceed will become part of the Order, even if unbeknownst to them as to why and how. And they will help shape its agenda and rearrange the pecking order. It is a tricky and potentially hazardous undertaking, because the role and its tasks may not turn out to be voluntary.

This year’s assembly marked a critical moment. Donald Trump ( I am not aware of his ever been vetted by the group or other adjuncts and affiliates thereof) has just caused a split in the West that we have not witnessed since the end of WWII. Another issue that has been on the agenda for the past few years is also becoming paramount — the role of China. The group managed to get China’s senior diplomat Fu Ying to attend the last conference (more senior leaders had to turn down its invitations) in order to “hear China’s voice”. I will not be surprised if it invited people like Jack Ma of Alibaba this year, to see if he is or is not, can or cannot be, “part of us”.

One thing that we can be sure of. As it discussed “The War On Information” as its principal focus this year, it will continue to keep the people of the world the way they have always been kept, i.e., blindfolded.

(Notice the slip of tongue. It is the War “On” Information, not the War “Of” Information, as we might generally think. So what does that tell you? Well, I think somebody is saying:don’t you dare mess with us. Keep that in mind.)


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By: Charlie Skelton in Chantilly, Virginia

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