Is This How We End Up With PM Boris?

Another Gamble Bungled
British PM Theresa May’s gamble of an early election ended disastrously, with the Conservatives losing its majority in Parliament. Aiming to secure a long PM term going into the Brexit negotiations with the EU, May chose to try to get herself reelected when she and her Party had a 20% lead over their rivals in the polls. That lead quickly evaporated amidst the terrorists’ attacks and the people’s penchant for expressing general discontent with the status quo.

There will be a lot of backroom deliberation and private phone calls this weekend to decide how the Party will choose to move forward. I believe that their best option is to let Theresa May step down as PM, and choose Boris Johnson, the ex-London Mayor who was the most vocal champion of Brexit as a minority in the Party in last year’s shock referendum, to lead the country.

Boorish Boris
Boris Johnson and George Osborne are the two Oxford graduates with destiny written on them more than their other Conservative contemporaries. While George is already a well-renowned statesman respected around the world, this is not the proper time for the Party to call upon him. After all, he did not get the country into Brexit. He orchestrated the Gold and Red Diplomacy (recall my emails on this)and set Britain on a promising future course with China. Becoming PM for him is just a punctuation in an otherwise much bigger historical career. Carrying the job now, however, is fraught with risks and little upside in his life-long trajectory.

Boris, on the other hand, is the unlikely man of the moment. Permanently unkempt and boorishly English, he is roaringly popular with the blokes. He is a rare Convervative who can hear out the chorus of the common folks’ rants while caring little for their disenchantment. He is very much a vestige of the Establishment, and distinquished himself with oratorical and rhetorical styles that got the nods of the Elders since his university days. Despite his mockish demeanour and habit for inconsistency, the Wise took them as brilliance in style of distracting (the enemy, of course)and a tour-de-force in political antithesis (or in simple terms, a good and ready “spare tire”).

Do The Right Thing
I am not personally a big fan of Boris Johnson. But I took note when Boris played an important role during last year’s Brexit referendum, because that was something he would not do quite so whole-heartedly without acquiescence from High Up. Now that the people have spoken with their votes, and the situation indeed proves to be quite messy, the politician best-suited to lead the country in combating the Europeans would fall naturally on his laps. Like Winston Churchill, who would not have crawled back from the political dog-house had Britain not been dragged into WWII by Hitler, Boris Johnson’s chance to be PM may have come, now that Britain is stuck in the rut with a dog fight in Brexiting the EU. He is the best person for the dirty fighting.

Lastly, the blokes will never trust the prim-and-proper Conservatives nor the namby-pampy Labour politicians in the fight against homegrown terrorists. Boris, on the other hand, seems to understand, if not speak, their language. That is the other mess more suited for a personality like Boris than Theresa.

Let’s see if they manage to do the right thing.


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