Senator Tim Kaine: The Cash-Free Society is Coming — Deal With It

I sent a letter to Senator Tim Kaine, D-VA, regarding the very clear push by globalist influences to abolish cash in the name of “consumer protection,” “reducing crime” and money laundering. It’s an absurd impetus, given that the biggest money criminals (the big banks) are protected by government, and the biggest drug traffickers (the CIA) ARE the government — but blatant hypocrisy has never stopped the State from doing as it pleases.

Of course, the real reason for the war on cash isn’t to reduce crime, it’s to increase government control over the economy and monitoring of transactions. Taxes could be levvied automatically, “negative interest rates” could threaten you with a tax on deposits to force consumers to spend, and fines for any and all infractions could be withdrawn by government bank-bots.

In addition to being Draconian, digital currency opens the door to far more hacks, crashes, and other interference than paper does. But either way, I had a feeling Tim Kaine had already made his decision where he stands on the issue. After all, this was Deep State Darling Hillary Clinton’s presidential running mate — but did receive a personalized letter.

Its gist was as follows: Thank you for your concern, citizen. However, cash is for criminals and I will vote for bills that make consumers safer by moving us toward a digital-only currency, but thank you for your concern.

Below is his full reply:


And my letter (in a template format, so you can send to your representatives):

Dear Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman/City Council Member/Evil Emperor ___,

Nation-states, banks, economists, and neoliberal institutions around the world have collectively made it clear that there is a concerted effort underway to push as much of humanity as possible into a “cashless society.” We see what’s happening in India and Venezuela. We have noticed global bank UBS, along with former Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury Larry Summers, calling to abolish the $100 and $50 bills. We have seen the headlines that some Citibank branches in Australia are ceasing to conduct any cash transactions, and heard the predictions from pundits and think-tanks about the inevitable cashless financial system.

The implications are unfathomably horrific. First off, let’s address the bogus premise that “going cashless” would reduce money laundering, terrorism, and other illegal activities. As you and I both know, some of the world’s biggest money launderers and financiers of illegality have, in fact, been Deep State actors turning in the cogs of our own system. And the preferred currency for criminals and money lapexels-photounderers worldwide is the U.S. dollar.

As shown by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, serious criminals would also just create alternative black-market currencies to circumvent the restrictions imposed by an electronic financial system and continue their usual activities. Lastly, regardless of the protections in place, the global economy would become more vulnerable than ever to hacking and subterfuge from both foreign and domestic sources.

The real impetus behind a cashless society is, and always has been, total power and control for the State, and the ultimate alliance between national governments and multinational mega-banks. In a cashless society, all semblance of privacy and freedom would be obliterated. State and bank-sponsored looting would become commonplace in the form of negative interest rate policy and other academic-sounding varieties of institutionalized fraud. Bailouts for insolvent, criminal banks would be automatic, and savers would be penalized under the guise of “stimulating consumption.”

It’s being sold as a panacea for eliminating crime and corruption, and reducing booms and busts, but an electronic-only financial system would usher in an era of tyranny never before seen by humankind. For the good of humanity, the global economy must not be command-controlled and monitored by a central authority according to the whims of academics, bureaucrats, and artificial intelligence.

A cursory glance at history shows that the big banks, as a whole, can’t be trusted to act in the best interest of anyone but themselves and their cronies. For just a small handful of examples, look at the LIBOR scandal, manipulation of gold and silver prices by JP Morgan Chase, mortgage fraud pre-2008, massive money laundering at Wells Fargo and HSBC, a  “shadow banking” derivatives market that’s larger than it was in the early 2000s, and even Deutsche Bank helping the Nazis economically repress Jews pre-WWII.

And with WikiLeaks releases showing payouts to representatives who voted for TARP, laws allowing (until recently) legal insider trading for digital-currencycongressional representatives, Goldman Sachs alumni repeatedly being appointed to run the Treasury, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and governors at the conflict of interest-ridden Federal Reserve Bank confessing that near-zero interest rate policy has widened the income gap, it has been shown that government should generally be expected to ally with the criminal banks in their mass pilfering of We, the people.

Failure to protest the so-called “inevitability” of a cashless society represents total abandonment of the interests of your constituents and the ideals enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. You have had opportunities throughout your career to align with the people you pledged to serve, or the entrenched multinational financial elite. The choice you make is a matter of life and death for millions. I hope you take that responsibility seriously enough to fight the very real looming dystopia of a cashless, electronic-only financial system.

The Constitution calls for gold and silver as money – not fiat currency that can be created out of thin air, nor a digital fiat currency for the State and private banks to control dictatorially. Thank you so much in advance for reading my letter. The stakes could not possibly be higher.

Cordially Concerned,

Ace of Swords


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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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