25 Big Reasons Trust in Corporate Media Has Reached All-Time Lows: A Visual Guide (Vol. 2)

In the wake of news that a CNN producer called the Trump-Russia narrative mostly “bullshit” to boost ratings, classifying journalistic ethics as nothing but “cutesy” relics from journalism school for wide-eyed college kids, I thought the timing was perfect for Volume Two of our visual guide.


Below, with minimal comment, are 25 big examples why trust in mainstream media has reached all-time lows. With these examples, perhaps the self-congratulatory press corps and political left will realize that they are providing all the fuel that populist and right-wing movements need to continue growing worldwide: that what’s perceived as a silly, hypocritical, largely left-leaning corporate-political-media complex is cannibalizing its own credibility with a willingness to run with any story that reinforces its own pre-determined narrative (plus a few “just for fun” ones thrown in to keep it light).

Vol. 1 is here.

1) Just a random interviewee:


2) Slow international news day:


3) Was this seriously filmed on a sound stage?

4) Clintonites writing TV scripts:


5) Here are your signs, there is the stage:

6) Sources say this! Wait, no, sources say that!


7) Not 9/11, the Holocaust, or even JFK assassination. Also, didn’t know it had been “solved”…


8) Someone told us what Comey would say, but then the other thing happened:


9) In an impartial press, coverage wouldn’t be inherently positive or negative (Harvard Study source):


10) Double standard?


11) This one is confirmed, that one is “alleged”:


12) Only rarely:


13) If he had been asian, would it say “asian man”?


14) Loretta Lynch said it, but we’ll just make it look like Sessions said it for now

15) Probably about 14 total, non-digital attendees?


16) “If Trump loses, his followers will protest, & it will be an attack on democracy itself!”


17) Hi random Twitter user! Can we turn your fake news Tweet into an international scandal?


18) Putin admits it all! Wait, no, Putin admits nothing! Just watch our exclusive interview and see for yourself…


19) Bologna is misogynistic, calzones are trans-phobic, and:


20) Breaking a tradition held in the United States since biblical times… (it started in ’96 — source 1, source 2):


21) I’m scared to ask what they think of the dehumidifer:


22) Obama did it, but it was probably all Trump’s idea:


23) There’s zero chance we’re wrong on this one:


24) It was great, until Trump said he’d support it:


25) “…fact checkers…were reportedly not utilized before publication.”


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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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