Important Documentary Series on China

An important 10-part documentary series on China’s deepening of reform, 将改革进行到底, are being aired currently in China. Here are the first two episodes. They are in Chinese only(We will try to find ones with English subtitles…).

These are essential for gaining an understanding of China’s recent developments and strategic plans under Xi Jingping and his team. In many ways, they are ushering in a systems approach unprecedented in scale and methodological inventiveness. It marks the beginning of a new era in China, as it boldly tackles tough problems and sets new standards, after having achieved a world-leading industrial core. It is an organically integrated mega-process, directed as well as spontaneously progressing in multiple fronts, reiteratively managed and centrally coordinated in detail.

Much of the rest of the world has yet to be fully cognizant of the power-house that China is today, and its momentum going forward. We are witnessing a new Renaissance, from which there will be much to be learnt.


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