25 Big Reasons Trust in Corporate Media Has Reached All-Time Lows: A Visual Guide (Vol. 3)

We’ll open with a quote about the news media from legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson:

“…Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits — a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.”

With major “newspapers of record” like the New York Times and Washington Post facing the very real threat of financial destruction, they’ve more than ever become Deep State vanity presses owned by mega-billionaries like Carlos Slim (NYT) and Jeff Bezos (WaPo).

Worse yet, due to doors opened by the likes of NAFTA and Clinton-era telecommunications reform, nearly all major news media have been consolidated into only six mega-conglomerates. Perhaps, then, the further degradation of an already-troubled field shouldn’t be surprising.


Executive Map for Reuters and Thomson Reuters showing that bankers, et. al own the news

Now, with minimal comment, are 25 (more) big examples why trust in mainstream media has reached all-time lows. A big thanks goes out to all the mostly-anonymous Internet users who captured many of these. Vol. 1 is here, and Vol. 2 is here.

1) This is Life. There are no guarantees…fakenews-cnn

2) Your accuracy was not accurate enough:


3) CNN reports that, according to CNN, this is completely true:


 4) We kill stories:

(From a Clinton campaign email obtained by WikiLeaks)

From a Clinton campaign email obtained by WikiLeaks

 5) Sum Ting is Wong with this broadcast:








6) Literal subliminal messaging:


7) Because never in history has an abusive woman existed:


8) One Hamburg, two visions:


9) Thompson Explains: How to avoid liability


From Hell’s Angels by Hunter S. Thompson

 10) Pretty sure he wasn’t being literal…


11) Fake News kills, but memes kill even more:

fake news ok-memes not.png

12) Changing the story:


13) Then again, what do we expect from Cosmo?


14) Is it a dystopia yet?





15) All due to being transgender:


16) Don’t forget Andrew Cuomo, NY Governor & brother of CNN’s Chris Cuomo:


17) Stuff like this is why Trump won in the first place:


18) One incident, two headlines:


19) Uncle Joe is doing everything right:


20) He used all those words, just not in that order:


21) Blame Republican radio host for attacks on Republican lawmakers:


22) When in doubt, blame “alt-right trolls:”


23) “Job numbers are up this month under Trump. Quick, run that story about the benefits of high unemployment!”



24) Fluffy drivel disguised as sophisticated analysis:


25) They’ll never report this little tidbit:


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