As Russia Collusion Narrative Crumbles, Seymour Hersh Report Confirms Seth Rich as DNC Leaker

Explosive new developments ignored by most mainstream media outlets have confirmed slain DNC staffer Seth Rich as the leaker who gave incriminating DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The news comes as the Deep State’s “Russia Collusion” narrative crumbles to nothing, losing all legs either as a cover for the source of the DNC leaks or a means of delegitimizing the Trump presidency.

Pultizer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, best known for breaking world-changing stories on the Vietnam War’s Mai Lai Massacre and CIA spying, can be heard in an audio recording published by WikiLeaks reporting that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker and that the Russia collusion narrative is a product of CIA meddling originating from within the Obama administration.

According to Hersh, both DC police and the FBI also both gained access to Rich’s laptop, where they discovered proof of contact with WikiLeaks.


In the recording, Hersh refers to an FBI report and other sources he obtained that  confirm Seth Rich as the WikiLeaker — a claim, until now, has been widely derided as a “debunked conspiracy theory” or fake news hoax. A pattern of media coverage throughout Rich’s case has shown that major previous developments pointing to Rich being the DNC leaker are only been covered by outlets deemed non-credible by the gatekeepers of public opinion. This helps maintain a public impression that questions regarding Seth Rich’s case would only be asked by crackpots.

By not reporting genuinely newsworthy stories, “newspapers of record” like the New York Times and Washington Post perform the role of perception management operations, serving as convincingly dressed-up delivery vehicles for State-approved narratives at the expense of covering some of the biggest stories of the day. When it comes to uncovering bias, what isn’t being covered is just as important as what is.

Omission, repetition, misleading headlines, and other techniques can and  have been used to cognitively condition readers to reject, without investigation, any news from “right wing outlets” even if they contain genuine revelations in Seth Rich’s case. They have also been used to convince the public of Russian collusion in the Trump administration despite a lack of evidence.

Some observers are even connecting the Hersh recording to a recent announcement by YouTube to restrict content even if they find no terms of service violations. The new rules deem that if enough users flag a video as “hateful,” they can now get it removed. Videos can also be removed at the behest of Google’s new, pre-approved list of “expert” institutions. The move has potential to drastically alter YouTube’s intellectual landscape in favor of left-leaning ideas and opinions.

With the Russia collusion narrative in shambles, the Hersh testimony takes the entire story to an entirely new level of intrigue. Not only was the Russia narrative bogus, but we now have reason to believe it was invented by our own government and CIA to cover for the fact that a disgruntled DNC employee was the source of the WikiLeak, and to provide the basis for a soft coup against a democratically-elected American president.


Image from LinkedIn/Seth Rich

With the Deep State’s cover story destroyed, fears are running high among some as to what their next step is. Backed into a corner and exposed, people familiar with Seymour Hersh’s testimony regarding Seth Rich are concerned that Deep State contingency plans may include outright violence. From assassination attempts to provocation of civil unrest similar to what we recently saw in Berkeley, the assumption is that the total breakdown of Plan A makes them more dangerous than ever.

I’ve warned in the past that those who are “Resisting” Trump should also resist jumping aboard the Russia collusion bandwagon. Accusations so baseless will, once revealed as such, will only help Trump in the end as he is vindicated. And now, with Seth Rich confirmed as the DNC WikiLeaker, the collusion narrative may morph into a political scandal unlike anything the country has ever seen.

A parallel scandal has been brewing for months as well, also conspicuously under-reported in mainstream outlets except as a right-wing conspiracy theory. It involves a mysterious Democratic IT staffer, and with smashed hard drives and people fleeing the country to Pakistan, it has all the trappings of a Watergate-or-bigger-type of situation. Given the tech angle, it’s conceivable that this IT staffer discovered strange network traffic or other anomalies that lead him to unmask Seth Rich as the WikiLeaker.

Time will tell if the two scandals are related, and how big each will become. Time will also tell if they end with high-level democrats, rather than Trumpists, being the ones who are put on trial.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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