Unite the Right Update: Police already setting up barricades, reports of pre-emptive National Guard preparations, plus the semi-official rally guidelines from Alt-Right leaders

Tomorrow’s Unite the Right rally is promising to be an historic event, even if no violence breaks out. Police are already setting up barricades, indicating the local government has fully accepted the fact that demonstrators are vowing to gather in Emancipation Park despite being refused their permit. Later, however, a federal judge would overturn the permit ruling and allow Unite the Righters to gather in Emancipation Park after all. (Image Source: Anonymous):


We will be on-scene reporting on the events of the day via video, so in the meantime I’ve been hunkered down learning everything I can about the various factions. The Alt-Righters and White Supremacist organizers are discouraging violence, while pockets of attendees have expressed a desire for physical confrontation on Alt-Right message boards. On the left, some chapters of hard-left groups like Antifa appear to be promoting committing violence at the event as well. There appears to be a common element in play where both sides are hoping the other will strike first, thereby justifying a counter-attack.

Below are the semi-official guidelines for Alt-Right attendees (Image Source: Anonymous):


While many on the Alt-Right spectrum appear to be taking the rules seriously, certain sub-groups have vowed to violate one or more of the guidelines.

Meanwhile, some are reporting that they have already observed local National Guard movements and emergency preparations, highlighting just how serious the expected threat of violence truly is:


Aceloewgold will not have a live stream of the day, but will try to post video by day’s end. Our goal will be to give Aceloewgold visitors an inside scoop on the day’s events as each side sees them — from hardcore Alt-Righters and racial supremacists to far-left militant groups, and everyone in between.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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