Charlottesville Protests: Antifa Mocks Cornel West & Clergy, Imploring Them to Allow Violence


If there was still any doubt that Antifa and hard-left elements were just as eager for violence in Charlottesville as any right-winger in attendance — Nazi or not — here is video we captured on-scene showing clergy members led by Cornel West being taunted by Antifa.

The clergy had formed a human wall between Antifa and left-wing counter protestors and the Unite the Right attendees, staving off more violent clashes for at least a short while during the morning. The human clergy wall had cleared before any of the severe skirmishes began, and one has to wonder what effect it might have had if they had stayed in place.

Here, just as a moderate counter-protestor begins very sweetly thanking the clergy for their work, black-clad Antifa members begin chanting “Stop protecting Nazis! Stop protecting Nazis!”, imploring the clergy to clear their humanitarian wall, which helped protect both sides, so that Antifa can more freely commit violence against Unite the Right attendees. After the chant, another member taunts the clergy through a megaphone, accusing them of somehow being sympathetic toward Nazi ideology. At the end, some more nice counter-protestors offer to help the human wall, while others offer water and other aid. But the Antifa members in attendance make their attitudes toward violent clash extremely clear, implying that violence from their side is justified due to historical Nazi genocide.

It’s an interesting moment, especially given West’s report that blac bloc anarchist types saved him from potential death at the hands of violent Alt-Righters at the torch-lit rally the previous evening.

Either way, this footage shows that Antifa is not only not defending the clergy, but is taunting and chastising them to allow Antifa to commit the violence against others that they did indeed gather that day to commit.

Apologies for some of the poor videography here; the audio tells most of the story, particularly for the second half of this scene:



As our video coverage shows, in spite of surreal endorsements from Antifa apologists in the news media, which condone and encourage the brutal violence by which Antifa extremists operate, Donald Trump was 100% correct to condemn both the White Supremacist elements and black bloc Alt-Left elements for the violence in Charlottesville.

The facts on the ground show that both sides showed up ready, willing, and eager to fight. Weapons were brandished and used by both sides. All of this was quickly forgotten when the car ramming incident annihilated any hope for reasonable, multi-dimensional debates on who shoulders the blame for outbreaks of physical violence during America’s culture wars.


These are not Nazis, merely victims of Alt-Left violence assaulted for supporting a political candidate Antifa believes is equivalent to Hitler

Antifa itself makes clear that their goal, though couched in the moment in being “anti-racist,” is actually a hardcore far left Neo-Marxist ideology that seeks the destruction of the state, and America itself, to replace it with what they see as a worker’s Utopia.

However, for anyone who knows the actual history of Marxist movements, 100% of them end with purges, slaughters, and destruction not only of people deemed “racist,” but anyone who disagrees with their extremist viewpoints. Each communist experiment inevitably devolves into a cronyist totalitarianism. Mention that to an Antifa member, and they claim previous communist experiments “weren’t real communism.” Of course, they somehow believe their movement is immune to the pitfalls of similar movements throughout modern political history.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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