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Many readers of this blog are asking an obvious question to the post, The Truth of Harbin Unit 731 – why is the truth of Japan’s war crimes coming out now?

This is a very good question.

NHK’s production of this documentary is highly highly unusual, and can only be done with very powerful backing from behind the scenes. I would agree with many people who believe that those who carried this out have US backing and acquiescence.

Since Donald Trump became President, he has tried to undo everything Obama left behind. One of those is Obama’s tolerance of Japanese militarists to make a comeback. If you recall, I mentioned that during the Xi-Trump summit at Mar a-Lago in April, Xi would remind Trump of the spectre of a revival of Japanese militarism under PM Abe.

The US intelligence watches over its allies in Asia very closely. When a leader in Japan, South Korea or Taiwan steps too far out of line or becomes a trouble-maker (in terms of American interests in the region), US operatives have the means to “yank” the leash on them. Recent examples include Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan and Park Geun-hye of South Korea, who met their demise after scandals were exposed. Uncle Sam, with eyes and ears of NSA and the like, and substantial control over local intelligence apparatus, has all the politicians of his Asian allies under his watch and at his disposal. Or so it seems.

Since the beginning of this year, PM Abe has been hit with a continuing barrage of public scandals. His naked agenda to amend the country’s peace constitution, steamroll over the Emperor, and approve weaponry developments that may not be vetted or given the go-ahead by the US, are all possible causes for the expose. For years, he had maneuvered to control the media, particularly the largest network NHK (the equivalent of the BBC in Japan), and had been successful. The documentary on NHK came as a surprise. It could not have been produced and aired to a nationwide audience if Abe had not been considerably “neutered”.

There is always more to the story behind the story.

Unfortunately, our government was complicit in the post-war coverup of some of the Japanese WWII war crimes relating to chemical and biological warfare (including the live human experiments in Unit 731 in Harbin, China) .

Various historians have claimed recently that, as a condition to keep the Japanese Emperor Hirohito in his throne and to spare him from standing trial for war crimes, the US demanded that the Japanese hand over all their secret files on biological and chemical warfare experiments. The scientists and personnel involved cooperated with the US forces and none of them were brought to trial. The whole matter was accorded the highest classification and cannot be discussed.

Of course, the truth about Japanese wartime behavior was well-known to the victims, and well-documented. In the case of Unit 731, the Japanese involved who surrendered to the Soviet Union and Chinese authorities had provided and signed volumes of testimonies detailing their activities. That was presented in the recent NHK documentary. As far as I know, the US files on this matter are still sealed.


Unit 731 Victim

The world is full of double standards. Our use of napalm and Agent Orange in the Vietnam War is an obvious example. It is disturbing to ponder how much the Japanese data had helped us in perpetrating our own Satanic prowess.


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