Trump Video: “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm”

Issuing extremely cryptic messages to the press corps after a dinner with some of the nation’s top military commanders, Donald Trump appears to go out of his way to ask in a throaty, alluring tone, “you guys know what this represents?” After a reporter asks what he means he replies in a sort of throaty, teasing tone, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”


As demonstrated by the questions of at least one baffled reporter, it isn’t exactly clear what “this” refers to, nor what storm Trump is referencing. Is it the Mandalay Massacre in Vegas? The nuclear situation with North Korea? Deteriorating relations with the Kremlin? Reporters ask what he means by this mysterious proclamation, whether he’s referring to Iran or some other issue.

Trump follows the reporters’ questions with “We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that…”

A concerned-sounding female voice calls, “What storm, Mr. President?”

Trump replies, “You’ll find out.” He then ends the conference.

Clearly this statement and its presentation were highly intentional. Given Trump’s penchant for issuing warnings and dictates via Twitter and other means, it’s extremely curious what he might be referring to. Naturally, the nature of bizarre statement is drawing curiosity far and wide from CNN, Fox, and other news outlets.

Time will only tell what he meant by it. But clearly, he meant for it to be heard.

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