25 Big Reasons Trust in Corporate Media Has Reached All-Time Lows (Vol. 6)

With so much nonsense and lazy reporting passing as news these day’s it’s hard to keep up. I don’t even know which volume of this series we’re on. In fact, I first published this one as Vol. 4 thinking I skipped 4 by accident, but there’s just so much nonsense out there, I can’t keep up with it…the legacy media machine churns out enough bullshit every month, you could fertilize Death Valley.BRIAN-WILLIAMS-FAKENEWS

In the most latest “rush to scoop” screwup, CNN reporters, ever-breathless to take down Trump, thought they found a killer story showing Trump Jr. colluding with Wikileaks to get dirt on Hillary. Turns out it they got their facts wrong, essentially turning the story into a zero-impact nothingburger. To save face, they continue jabbering about a “web of connections” (sounds spooky!) between Wikileaks and the Trump camp — just in case you doubted the backroom espionage feel of their original, wildly inaccurate article.

Of course, for the outraged thousands who saw the story but not the correction, they’re even more convinced than ever that the Trump administration operates as a nefarious operation of the Kremlin, using Wikileaks as a sort of private intelligence service to sabotage Hillary Clinton and America at large.

But that was only one fake news story among many. The effect of all these rushed, amateurish botch-jobs is massive fuel for Trump’s “fake news” obsession, which he passes on to his supporters, as well as a press corps so recklessly obsessed with taking down Trump that they’re actually making him look good. Oh, and all the identity politics crap doesn’t help, either.

So, without further adieu, are some more of our favorite screw-ups, dangerous racialized political nonsense, and facepalm-worthy clickbait bullshit we’ve dug up around the web since the last edition:

1. Outed as a CIA plant? Just apply at MSNBC


2. Time to look in the mirror, Joy (yes, she’s a professional journalist)…


3. None dared call her lazy…

maternity leave without kids

4. Those violent, murderous uncircumsized weiner extremists:


5. This is how writers “correct” garbage reporting now:


6. Only a White Nationalist would ever care about Kate Steinle’s murder:


7. All speech is free, but some speech is freer than others:


8. Trump should have known that We, the People demand Stephen Paddock be EXTRA dead.


9. If you can replace “white” with “black” and it becomes unacceptable, it was never really acceptable to begin with:


10. Some historical genocides are just a White Nationalist talking points meant to distract us (yes, this guy calls himself a journalist):

white nationalist talking points

11. I’m confused, is patriotism racist or not?


12. Mature discourse is dead:


13. How old do you have to be to get to decide whether or not your mother can murder you?


14. Damn this monster and his obstinate promise-keeping ways:


15. BBC reporter caught moonlighting as anti-Alt-Right operative (verifiable via archives):


16. News corrections — ignored by most, forgotten by many (to be clear: Joy Reid is a professional journalist):

corrections--ignored by most, forgotten by many

17. Peak banning:


18. Wow, I wonder if Tesla is working on any “flying trucks” of their own:


19. B-b-b-but I thought door-to-door gun confiscation was a “conspiracy theory”:


20. She’s really living the black experience in Chappaqua, NY, The Hamptons, & Washington DC:


21. Sick of racism, endless appetite for identity politics:


22. Damn his reckless, correct speculation:


23. BuzzFeed is on top of all the hot millennial trends, like avo toast and “co-living:”


24. Turns out a few headline tweaks were needed at ABC after Kevin Spacey’s statement on being a child rapist:


25. Sometimes, loving who you are is nothing more than racist hate-mongering:


26. Bitcoin Bonus: Sure glad I didn’t listen to the “experts” in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…:



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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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