Unite the Right 2 MUST-SEE RAW FOOTAGE: Respectful debate descends into chaos as pro-Trumpers chased out by violent mob

The real story of Unite the Right 2 rally in D.C. was not the miniscule group of white nationalists that arrived, but the ways that Antifa and Black Bloc methods and attitudes have infected anti-Trump and anti-white supremacist movements.

Case in point: this chatic footage shows a lively, thoughtful, and mutually respectful debate between between a few pro-Trumpers and a few counter-protestors descend into abject chaos, coming terrifyingly close to brutal violence as massive mob forms around them. Tension builds until they are forced into an assisted evacuation.





This is what happens when you let violent Antifa and Black Bloc militants — and their anti-democratic ideals and violent methods — become a driving force within a movement.


-Beginning: The third debater, appearing to espouse similar views as the Pro-Trump duo, appears to be non-white. He wasn’t in any pro-Trump gear, so the mob ignored him and he did not require evacuation

8:37 – A few counter protestors start yelling at pro-Trumpers. Crowd begins growing around them; more people join the scream-down. The fast-growing mob, almost none of whom heard any of the debate leading to this, has already completely dehumanized the pro-Trump duo as “Nazis”

20:10 – Surrounding mob is very large now, tension is extreme. Volunteers begin evacuation process. Mob screaming, but no one knows what they’re actually scremaing at — just following the enraged herd to denounce the alleged “Nazis” in their midst

22:41 – Group tries to block volunteers from evacuating the duo in order to trap pro-Trumpers with the violent mob

23:13 – Water poured on male’s head, then he is shoved

23:55 – Male is pelted in back of his head with water bottle

23:48 – Male, with both hands up in the air after being repeatedly shoved, is shoved again and pelted with more water bottles

24:41 – More water poured on maleGuy in backwards black baseball cap sucker-punches (elbows?) male in the side of the skull

24:49 – Male is kicked

25:25 – Male’s long hair is pulled by same guy in the black baseball cap, then someone sprays him from behind with white spraypaint

25:30 – Male is shoved and elbowed

25:52 – Female pro-Trumper proclaims, “We oppose this violence. This is the violence we stand against. We oppose white supremacy and political violence.”

27:19 – The duo reaches a group of Metro Police, who struggle to contain the crowd and keep them away. Objects thrown

32:43 – More police arrive, some on motorcycles, to form lines and get pro-Trumpers to their vehicle safely

38:47 – Female officer tells counter-protestors to stay on the sidewalk. When counter-protestor responds with “Fuck you, and you’re a “cunt,” she says thank you and continues trying to keep the peace…

42:42 – Very tense as duo finally makes it to their vehicle. Police prevent mob from surrounding their van, which would have almost certainly ended tragically

Insane kudos to the yellow-vested volunteers. It’s not a reach at all to say that without them, there’s a decent chance the duo would have been stomped to death before being able to get out of the park.

Keep in mind that 99.9% of the people chasing the pro-Trumpers hadn’t heard a single thing of the debate or the duo’s views beforehand — they just saw everyone else chasing and screaming at some people (many in the mob weren’t even close enough to get a visual on who they were screaming at), instantly dehumanized them as “Nazis,” and thereby decided that they deserved to be violently attacked or even killed based on zero information.

This is not progressive, this is not righteous, this is not fighting white supremacy. This is brutal madness, blind outrage, and self-sabotage. If this is how we plan on countering and ending white supremacist movements and viewpoints, we are already doomed.

Everyone involved in this incident is part of the problem. They surrendered their minds and humanity to a cult just as violent, mindless, and destructive as what they claim to be fighting against.

Some of the views and opinions the pro-Trump duo expressed during their debate:

-It should be left up to towns and municipalities whether or not to remove Confederate statues, but totally erasing them from history will doom us to repeat past atrocities

-We should be discussing and debating issues and opinions rather than just shouting each other down

-Soviet and Maoist Communism were brutal and evil

-They expressed that they are anti-political violence and anti-white supremacy

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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