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Weekly Markets Update 5.06.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: 10 Year Treasury Bond (Yield falling -3.8%) Week’s Worst Performer: Nikkei 225 Index (3.4%) Broader Market Commentary: Since Q4 of 2014, the S&P 500 has been trading in a clearly defined sideways channel with two tiers (an upper record-territory tier, and a lower consolidation/risk-off tier). The higher tier is a […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.24.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: Nikkei 225 Index +1.7% Week’s Worst Performer: Crude Oil (4.1%) Broader Market Commentary: The S&P 500 broke its weekly winning streak, falling (0.7%) during the holiday shortened week. The benchmark index is finding some technical resistance around the 2,050 threshold, as it continues to create several different challenging technical headwinds. […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.11.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: WTI Crude Oil +9.7% Week’s Worst Performer: Shanghai Composite (2.2%) Broader Market Commentary: The overall broader market continues to churn higher, and is now breaching that pivotal 2,000 threshold on the S&P 500, which would catapult the S&P 500 into its higher 100-point trading range (2,000-2,100). While euphoria seemingly has […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.04.16

Week’s Best Performer: WTI Crude Oil +9.6% Week’s Worst Performer: FTSE 100 Index +1.7% Gold is continuing to outperform Lumber on a rolling 13-week relative performance basis, however, Lumber jumped +9% this week making for a pivotal offense/defense performance matchup week coming up. The S&P 500 has had a tremendous run off its recent lows, […]

Weekly Markets Update 2.26.16

  Week’s BEST Performer:  WTI Crude Oil +6.3& Week’s WORST Performer: Gold -0.4% Gold is continuing to outperform Lumber in the rolling 13-week relative performance. Despite the weekly gains and some bullish sentiment returning to the markets, the S&P 500 is currently in its lower-tier (200-point trading range) between 1,800-2,000, and is forming a very […]

Weekly Markets Update 2.19.16

Broader Market’s best performer: Nikkei 225 Index, +6.8% Broader Market’s worst performer: Gold, -0.7%

Depeche Mode Fed Week

Janet Yellen, the market’s own Personal Jesus. “It’s too late to change events, it’s time to face the consequence, for delivering the proof, in the policy of truth…You will always wonder how, it could have been if you only lied.”

Avon Calling? More Like Putting.

On the technical front, clear downtrend channel, coming off the top end of its range today, down -6%. On a steady train back to the land of $2-$3. On the fundamental front (opinion from VW), “AVP: worst CEO ever. Lap dog from JNJ, passed up chance to sell to Coty for $25. Oops. You go […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range The markets fell in rather aggressive fashion for the first time in six weeks, with the S&P 500 falling sharply by -3.6% to 2,023 on Friday November 13, down from 2,099 on Friday, November 6. The S&P 500 recently hit an intraday high of 2,116 on November 3rd, which […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range The markets were able to post a sixth-consecutive week of gains this past week, with the S&P 500 closing a point shy of 2,100, rising another +1.0% to 2,099 on Friday November 6, up from 2,079 on Friday, October 30. From the relative low of 1,882 on September 28th, […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range We’ve now seen five consecutive weeks of gains for the markets, with the S&P 500 gaining another +0.2%, moving up to 2,079 on Friday, October 30 from 2,075 on Friday, October 23. Interestingly, 4 out of the 5 days last week were actually down days – of course, with […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range The theme of the previous week’s tug-of-war market continued in full force Monday-Wednesday last week, making it a total of 9-straight fairly quiet days of tight trading (only 20-30 points) just north of that psychologically important 2,000 level. On Thursday, however, we got a very dovish ECB announcement and […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range In somewhat quiet fashion, the markets were able to grind higher for the third straight week last week, as the S&P 500 rose nearly +1%, closing on Friday 10/16 at 2,033 from 2,015 on 10/9. The volatility that we’ve seen and come to expect since late August has completely […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range We had an explosive week in the markets this past week, as the benchmark S&P 500 rose +3.3% from 1,951 on Friday, 10/2 to 2,015 on Friday, 10/11. The S&P 500 is up roughly +8% or over 140 points from its recent support level lows of ~1,870 (last seen […]


Markets Performance / Current Trading Range It was another volatile week on Wall Street this past week, with the S&P 500 trading between a nearly 80 point range (over 530 points for the DOW). The S&P 500 closed out 3Q on Wednesday (down 6.9% for the quarter – worst quarter since 2011), but finished the […]


Week 3 – Monday September 28, 2015 Markets Performance / Current Trading Range Today’s Monday trading was another very volatile day with the S&P 500 dropping 50 points, or -2.6%, falling back down to 1,882. Last week, the S&P 500 dropped for the second consecutive week, falling -1.4%, falling from 1,958 on Friday, 9/18 to […]


SQUAWK BOX WEEKLY UPDATE Week 2 – Monday September 21, 2015 Markets Performance / Current Trading Range The S&P 500 was fairly unchanged last week, only dropping by -0.2%, falling from 1,961 on Friday, 9/11 to a close of 1,958 on Friday, 9/18. Despite the modest move overall, volatility continues to be the name of […]


UNIVERSITY OF DENVER – SQUAWK BOX WEEKLY UPDATE Monday September 14, 2015 MARKETS PERFORMANCE / CURRENT TRADING RANGE The S&P 500 rose +2.1%* last week (holiday shortened week), rising from 1,921 on Friday, 9/4 to a close of 1,961 on Friday, 9/11. With a modest drop of -0.4% today (Monday, 9/14), the benchmark index is […]

1:1:1 Philanthropic Model and Non-Cash Revenue Streams for Colorado Nonprofits

Below is part of a key long-term recommendation for local nonprofit, Saving Moses, to capture the Millennial donor demographic. Targeting Nonprofit Millennial Donors with NON-CASH REVENUE STREAMS In a recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article, both Andy Posner of the Capital Good Fund and Mollie West of Harvard Business School divulged the astonishing fact that […]

Bright Funds: Targeting The New Philanthropist

This is a piece put together for a local nonprofit, which is targeting the millennial demographic for donations. Bright Funds is an emerging company poised to make a huge impact for both nonprofits and donors alike, with its revolutionary online platform. BRIGHT FUNDS Millennial Strategy – Direct Targeting / Time Horizon: Now – 3+ Years In […]