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Will Trump Accidentally Lock Himself In a Bathroom Before Meeting Putin??

We can’t get anything passed him at this point   We start off the 2nd half of the year with a shortened trading week for the 4th of July holiday. On the economic front, we have Manufacturing PMI, the Unemployment Rate, Non-Farm Payrolls and Average Hourly Earnings. Non-Farm Payrolls & Unemployment Rate: Non-Farm Payrolls, the […]

Q1 2017 Market Commentary: Trump, the Fed, Globalists, and Gold

This past quarter in the markets was one of the more interesting three-month periods we’ve had in a while. Not because of what took place, but rather, the lack of what took place, considering the boiling global geopolitical climate. Almost all of Q1 unfolded against a backdrop of zero volatility and confounding complacency not seen […]

“If You Fire Me Now, I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine”

– Preet Bharara’s potential last speech to Donald Trump before he got fired. Now that he has been fired by President Trump, “I felt a great disturbance in the force.”   After the shocking news for the sheriff of Wall Street over the weekend, investors will now turn their attention to WWJD March 17 Edition […]


Gonzo Financial Commentator Max Keiser Announces Possible NC Congressional Run

Max Keiser, a gonzo financial commentator for RT, is known for combining the high-flying drama he learned at NYU acting school with knowledge of trading, currency, and markets he began earning as stock broker on Wall Street in the 1980s. He has gained a reputation amongst proponents of Austrian economic theory and libertarianism as a […]

The Coming Global Monetary Crisis (Peter Tran)

The Coming Global Monetary Crisis by:  Peter Tran (3/29/2015) Introduction  In order to predict any coming financial crisis with accuracy, one must first correctly identify what type of crisis is lurking on the horizon. I am going to make a final attempt to explain why the coming Global Monetary Crisis (current Dollar Standard Monetary System) […]

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves

The People’s Bank of China said the country does not benefit any more from increases in its foreign-currency holdings, adding to signs policy makers will rein in dollar purchases that limit the yuan’s appreciation. According to Kenneth Leung, professor of economics at Daniels College of Business, “Part of that move could be related with a bigger geopolitical […]

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Columbia, NC To Send “Quality of Life” Violators to Camps

This is one of those things you just have to keep reading, waiting and praying for some hint of satire. But this isn’t The Onion. “Quality of Life” laws in Columbia, North Carolina cover things like public urination and homelessness, and now, when caught in violation of these laws, you’ve got a new option other […]

Japan’s Quantitative Stripteasing

The higher stocks rise, the shorter their dresses get… Japanese pop group Machikado Keiki Japan base their costumes on the price of the Nikkei average of the day. Roughly translated as Economic Conditions on the Streets of Japan, Machikado Keiki Japan released their debut single, “Abeno Mix,” on April 7. It pays homage to Abe’s ultraloose […]

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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Full Documentary)

Trillion Dollars Debt Spiral

Full-Length Animated Documentary: Our Money System Is A Debt Spiral

The animated story of the system of debt serfdom in the modern West: For those that don’t have 45 minutes to spare, the late great George Carlin is ready with the 3-minute version:

Obama Appoints New Bankster To Replace the Old One at the Treasury

As the curtain falls on the reality that a corporate coup has occurred in America and is attempting to take firmer grip here and around the world, the illusion known as western civilization is increasingly revealing its fragility.  As I’ve noted before, as the ruling elite become more brazen they only awaken more people to […]

Currency Wars Heating Up

Mint runs out of 2013 silver coins, suspends sales  Costa Rica Fights Currency Gain as Thailand Talks Baht Weaker  Yuan as a World Currency? Getting There Fast  Yen Reaches 2 1/2-Year Low as Pound Drops, Metals Gain  Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War as Europe Joins Germany Goes for Gold—To Bring Home   A […]

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Awakening 2013: Curtain Coming Down On Criminal Banks?

As it becomes clearer and clearer that mafia-like activity is ubiquitous at the top of all the big banks, the media is increasingly forced to report. As economic conditions continue to stagnate or begin to worsen this year, we’ll see more financial crimes bubble to the surface and a public increasingly aware of who is […]

Goldman Sachs in Europe

Goldman Sachs: Europe’s Vampire King

With the appointment of Goldman Sachs alum Mark Carney as head of the Bank of England, the choking tentacles of Goldman Sachs appear to have extended their grip around most of the EU. This is what happens when mutant crony capitalism is allowed to progress to these surreal, nightmarish levels. Chart below is taken from […]

Obama Romney Debate

Ten Reasons the 2012 Election Was A Joke

It’s easy to rig an election in a two-party crony capitalist system: All you do is offer two smiling candidates but only one actual vote. In this case, it’s a vote for at least 4 more years of Corporatocratic rule, becoming incrementally more totalitarian and psychopathic literally by the day. Would there have been differences, […]

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IMF Paper: End Fractional Reserve & Banker Monopoly on Debt

A paper published last August by IMF Researcher Jaromir Benes and IMF Economist Michael Kumhof suggested revisiting the “Chicago Plan” drafted from the new rush of economic thinking that came in the wake of the Great Depression. The first major idea in the paper proposes eliminating bank runs by eliminating the Fractional Reserve system, requiring […]

UN Troops

Formalizing Global Governance: High Finance, the UN and Neoliberal Power Networks

Whether or not you believe in sinister ulterior motives, there is no denying the increasing role of neoliberal institutions like the IMF and UN in governing the world. I’d argue that these and other neoliberal globalist institutions already provde a “lite” form of global governance, and that with just a few more simple incremental steps, […]

Occupy Wall Street 1-Year Anniversary

One year…fairly muted anniversary thus far…

Thank God For Barack: The Plastic President and My Two-Party Illusion

During the entire 2008 election season, Obama gained my support by criticizing everything Bush was about: secret murders and arrests, baseless arrests of activists, unrepentant warrantless snooping, attacks on civil liberties and, of course, his corporatocratic Forever War known as the War On Terror. Though not sobbing with joy in the streets like many of […]

“Believe me, the system will be fine…provided nobody panics.”

“I was just thinking about the illusion of safety.” “Money, capital, has a life of its own. It’s a force of the nature like gravity, like the oceans, it flows where it wants to flow. This whole thing with the Arabs and gold is inevitable, we’re just going with the tide. The only question is […]