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Doublewood: China’s Currency Strategy

After the financial tsunami of 2008, China has strengthened its belief that the era of US dollar hegemony should be reformed.  Recognizing that the USD has served the world very well for some periods (notably the 2 decades after WWII) and the US continues to lead the world in economic size, trade volume and financial […]

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Update: Gold and Commodities Sell-Off

FYI – We are beginning to see some deflationary concerns sweep over the markets this morning, hitting commodities particularly hard. Traders are citing weak financial markets/economic data, a firmer dollar, pressure from a draft plan for Cyprus to sell bullion, and technical breaches for the sell-off. The early-morning declines in precious metals have turned into […]

Gold Triple Bottom

While the equity markets are hitting fresh all-time highs, and appear a bit overbought/frothy, the gold market is re-testing lows from December 2011. Despite the recent bearishness in the metals space, we are beginning to see the formation of a triple bottom in the spot gold price. We’ve been range bound between $1,790/ounce and $1,550/ounce […]

Financial crisis

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Full Documentary)

Currency Wars Heating Up

Mint runs out of 2013 silver coins, suspends sales  Costa Rica Fights Currency Gain as Thailand Talks Baht Weaker  Yuan as a World Currency? Getting There Fast  Yen Reaches 2 1/2-Year Low as Pound Drops, Metals Gain  Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War as Europe Joins Germany Goes for Gold—To Bring Home   A […]

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Awakening 2013: Curtain Coming Down On Criminal Banks?

As it becomes clearer and clearer that mafia-like activity is ubiquitous at the top of all the big banks, the media is increasingly forced to report. As economic conditions continue to stagnate or begin to worsen this year, we’ll see more financial crimes bubble to the surface and a public increasingly aware of who is […]

NYT: Prison May Be the Next Stop on a Gold Currency Journey

Anyone reading this blog is likely already in agreement that that gold/silver prices will continue to soar – my concern is what the government will do in reaction to soaring metals prices. They’ve confiscated gold in the past under FDR (if you were dumb enough to give it up). And today, I give you the […]

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IMF Paper: End Fractional Reserve & Banker Monopoly on Debt

A paper published last August by IMF Researcher Jaromir Benes and IMF Economist Michael Kumhof suggested revisiting the “Chicago Plan” drafted from the new rush of economic thinking that came in the wake of the Great Depression. The first major idea in the paper proposes eliminating bank runs by eliminating the Fractional Reserve system, requiring […]

Cup & Handle Technical Patterns in Gold/Silver/Euro – Breakout Imminent?

Despite all of the concerns coming out of the euro-zone, there is an interesting technical pattern developing in the euro, that suggests we may be in for a surprisingly strong euro to close out the year. As shown below, a classic “Cup & Handle” technical pattern has formed in the euro (as well as gold/silver). […]

In hard times, “I buy gold” is Italy’s boom business

In hard times, “I buy gold” is Italy’s boom business 9:01am BST By Gavin Jones ROME (Reuters) – Times are now so tough that Valerio Novelli, a ticket inspector on Rome’s buses, is planning to sell his old gold teeth. “I can’t get to the end of the month without running up debts,” said Novelli, […]

Revealed: Why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price

Gordon Brown Sold Britain’s Gold at Artificially Low Prices to Bail Out a Large American Bank UK Telegraph Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price By Thomas Pascoe A great deal of Gordon Brown’s economic strategy would strike a sane man as troubling. Not a great deal was mysterious. The orgy of […]

Gold May Have Been Manipulated Like Libor

“It is effectively an intervention in two ways; one would be the fact that for central banks gold and silver going up doesn’t make their currency look any good and secondly a number of the big commercial banks have very large short positions which they like to manage and make easy money from,” Ned Naylor-Leyland, […]

Drug/Stimulus-Addicted Market Wants its Fix

Bernanke floats a bit of test balloon yesterday by only extending its Operation Twist program by $267 billion, with no additional bond purchases (QE3) right now. Well, as anticipated the drug/stimulus addicted market responded with major withdrawal symptoms: The Dow and S&P 500 have sold off 264 and 32 points, respectively (roughly -2%), since the […]

Germany’s Merkel Said to Shift on Redemption Pact

In a lightly reported story that should be getting more attention today, officials in Berlin say privately that Chancellor Angela Merkel is willing to drop her vehement opposition to plans for a “European Redemption Pact” ahead of this month’s EU summit, which would effectively (even if temporarily) put an end to the Euro-crisis by having […]

Charles de Gaulle – Monetary Crisis Ghost of 1965

If you really look closely at world history, it is pretty clear that every 30-40 years, there is always a change in the monetary system. For us here in the U.S., our last 4 monetary systems have been: 1. Classical gold standard until WWI (all physical gold/silver) 2. Gold exchange standard between WWI and WWII […]

Dollar Index at 4-month highs – does Euro weakness signal QE3?

Just to follow up on the Squawk Box call (Squawk Box_05.21.12), I’ve included a monthly Euro chart below, indicating the correlation of the currency’s weakness to Fed policy here in the U.S. As you can see, the last two extended periods where the Euro drifted into the $1.25-$1.30 range resulted in Fed policy action here […]

Gold Technical Support at $1,550

  Also, a quick interview with Mike Krieger on Dr. Dave Janda’s Radio Show:

The Three Stooges on Gold (Buffett, Munger, and Gates) vs. The Silver Vigilante

The Silver Vigilante (Erice Sprott) reacting to the Three Stooges:

Gold/Silver Update

These are the gold/silver charts…the market is up huge today after bernank opened his trap again, hinting at more QE…gold is back near 1700 Below are those “wedge” patterns I’ve been following…basically the trading range narrows to a point where a breakout is then imminent…..this consolidation we’ve seen over the last few months has been […]

Long-Term Gold Wedge Pattern + Breakout

With gold specifically, the wedge has been very indicative of huge moves up…I just did this quick, but this goes back to beginning of 08

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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