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Tillerson Meetings in China

Tillerson was warmly received in Beijing by Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi and Xi Jingping.  The time and place for an imminent summit meeting between Trump and Xi have yet to be confirmed and announced.  Instead, Tillerson is saying Trump would look forward to meeting Xi in China, and Xi is saying Mr Trump would be […]

Trump Is Setting Japan Up For A Jewish Treat

By acting too much like an eager beaver, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has become a prey to Donald Trump and his team of distressed financial specialists. Trump grew up in Queens, New York and went on to become a real estate developer in New York City and New Jersey. Having gone in and out […]

Doublewood: Roadmap for US-China Relations

Attached is a draft summary of my working paper on A Roadmap For US-China Relations. Matters On Hold At the moment, given the instability in US domestic politics, I believe that China is unlikely to rush into any major initiative with the new American administration. It will spend some time observing. There will be contacts […]

Update: A Tale Of Two Speeches

Xi Jingping delivered his keynote speech at Davos today. He began with a paraphrase from the start of Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale Of Two Cities: “This is the best of times. This is also the worst of times …” thus he began his keynote address to the annual assembly of the World Economic Forum. […]

Doublewood: Malacca Strait

Below details out the US-China confrontation in the South China Sea, highlighting the Malacca Strait and bringing into focus the real strategic stakes that are in play. This is a timely piece, as the specific issues and contentions are now shifting into the broader regional as well as global issues. At the start of 2017, […]

Doublewood: A Polycentric World

The key to looking at all the current global dynamics is to understand the nature of a polycentric reality in the world’s power configuration. Polycentrism is a little-understood phenomenon in the post-WWII world, although it was not an unusual set of circumstances in other periods of world history. Here, I will not elaborate on the historical […]

Trump’s Taiwan Call – Part 2

It is impossible to know with Trump whether some “move” of his is just a poorly controlled impulse (like his Twitter messages) or a calculated effort to create or build a negotiating position. However, we know he doesn’t care about any other countries, so it is unlikely he has the best interests of the people of […]

Doublewood: What’s Up With China? – Part 2

Economic Reform and Financial Environment There is a saying: “When Wall Street catches the flu, the world goes on a spin”. Now we should add a saying: “When China sneezes, the Federal Reserve freezes”. Turbulence And The New Normal The current state of global financial turbulence is in part a result of China’s major undertaking […]

Diaoyu Island – The Truth

This is a very good 40-minute documentary done by a well-known director in the US.  There are some disturbing graphic images of war-time atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese.  But it is important that you be adequately informed on the historical facts behind the current tensions in East Asia. More importantly, we had better not […]

Japan’s Dolphins

The US ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, is taking up the issue of the mass killing of dolphins in Japan. The manner in which such mass slaughters are carried out is unique to the Japanese pyche.  To other cultures, this would have stretched beyond the limits of their emotional tolerance for debaucherous cruelty.  But the sad historical fact […]

Doublewood: Coming Attractions

Just as the year 2013 drew to a seemingly peaceful conclusion, we have to start looking at the risks lurking in the landscape and/or quavering in the subterranean crevices. To prepare you for a potentially eventful 2014 and beyond, I would like to share with you my perspectives on some big-picture matters, so that you […]

Abe’s Shrine Visit

    Spectre of militarism. – doublewood

Abe pays tribute to the war criminals

Emboldened by the enactment of a new Special Secrecy Protection Act (“SSPA”) by Japan’s Diet, Prime Minister Abe brazenly paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo this week. The shrine is controversial because it “houses” Japan’s Class-A war criminals from World War Two. This overt action finally prompts criticism even from the US media […]

What Japan Has In Store For US – Doublewood

As Japan progressively advances its militarization agenda, one of the biggest steps and end-games would be to “inherit” the many well-developed military bases the US currently maintains on Japanese soil. I have therefore warned that one of the likely schemes of the Japanese would be to use “extremists” to make America realize that their lives […]

Abe’s Fukushima

During the past 2 years, the preoccupation of the Japanese authorities in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear plants was — you guessed it — the removal of the spent plutonium fuel rods to another storage site.  Saving these precious nuclear weaponization materials remained the national priority and, only after that had been substantially accomplished, did TEPCO […]

Korea Times: Nazis of the Orient?

The Koreans seem to mind a lot… Also, at the London Olympics last year, the Japanese gymnastic teams also wore uniforms splash-designed with the WWII naval flag.  It’s bizarre. – doublewood Nazis of the Orient? Put real teeth back to ‘Kim Young-ran Law’ Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan is no stranger to making ludicrous statements. […]

Doublewood: Japan’s Aso (sic)

Among Japan’s hereditary politicians, Abe and Aso (“A&A”) are the current Tweedledum and Tweedledee.   Brought up on military-purist values and revisionist history by their fathers and the numerous uncles and in-laws in their sheltered cacoons, they now occupy the number one and number two positions of the government.  Just like their fathers, uncles, in-laws and fellow black/white gloves before […]

Doublewood: Will America Sleep?

With Japanese prime minister Abe’s conservative right-wing party winning majority control over both houses of parliament after this past Sunday’s upper house electoral victory, our assessment of relations with Japan has reached a critical cross-road.  A reminder of a similar judgment call in the history of miscalculations may be apt. Churchill and JFK In 1938, Winston Churchill wrote […]

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus