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Civil Libertarians Increasingly Complacent as Creeping Tyranny Continues Full-Speed Ahead Under Trump

Aside from Libertarian stalwarts like Ron Paul, and commentary from the likes of Michael Krieger and Zero Hedge, all of whom continue to ring alarm bells, civil libertarians and conservatives seem to have become much quieter under the Trump administration. I suspect a couple of major reasons for this: for one, complacency in their perception […]

Q1 2017 Market Commentary: Trump, the Fed, Globalists, and Gold

This past quarter in the markets was one of the more interesting three-month periods we’ve had in a while. Not because of what took place, but rather, the lack of what took place, considering the boiling global geopolitical climate. Almost all of Q1 unfolded against a backdrop of zero volatility and confounding complacency not seen […]

Minutes Of Kissinger Meeting On Gold, 1974 – Doublewood Analysis

In the Minutes Of Kissinger Meeting On Gold, 1974, we can read how Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor and Secretary Of State at the time, was discussing the matter of preserving US dollar hegemony. “After Nixon “temporarily” suspended the convertibility of dollars into gold in 1971, because evil international speculators were attacking the US dollar, some of […]

Obama Romney Debate

Ten Reasons the 2012 Election Was A Joke

It’s easy to rig an election in a two-party crony capitalist system: All you do is offer two smiling candidates but only one actual vote. In this case, it’s a vote for at least 4 more years of Corporatocratic rule, becoming incrementally more totalitarian and psychopathic literally by the day. Would there have been differences, […]

NYT: Prison May Be the Next Stop on a Gold Currency Journey

Anyone reading this blog is likely already in agreement that that gold/silver prices will continue to soar – my concern is what the government will do in reaction to soaring metals prices. They’ve confiscated gold in the past under FDR (if you were dumb enough to give it up). And today, I give you the […]

Rand Paul Endorses Romney?!?!

Absolutely stunning, but here are my thoughts: First and foremost, there is a very GOOD chance Romney was at Bilderberg this past weekend. Romney is Obama. Obama is Romney. Obamney is Bush. They are all puppets. Romney is 100% establishment and offers no change whatsoever. Undoubtedly, Romney needs Ron/Rand Paul support more than the Paul’s […]

rachel maddow on gop convention fallout

Romney Freaking Out On Paul Delegates

Choking on that drumstick

“Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!” Rachel Maddow

Paul vs. Paul

Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on Bloomberg TV – April 30, 2012  

O’Reilly vs. Cenk / A Presidential Perspective

Within the media circus…a quick examination of a guy like Bill O’Reilly vs. Cenk at the Young Turks O’Reilly has had Ron Paul on his program a few times in the past (which are all over youtube), but as you know, this is how O’Reilly feels about him: This guy Cenk is extremely “liberal” […]

Herman Cain and The Federal Reserve

Cain vs. Paul on the Housing Collapse: Cain on the Federal Reserve: Most people don’t know about this because the media barely even covered it, but the first ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) partial audit of the Federal Reserve was FINALLY carried out this past July due to Ron Paul’s efforts. It revealed […]

Ron Paul Debate Results / 9-11 Video

I’d like to point your attention to the updated poll again pasted below by the very source (MSNBC) who conducted the actual debate on Wednesday night – it is an absolute landslide – Ron Paul with nearly 60%, versus Romney with 15%. If you take a quick visual glance at the green bars alone, however, […]

Debt Ceiling – False Flag Opportunity?

I was thinking about this over the past few days… The LA Times is running its headline today:  Ron Paul thinks defaulting isn’t such a bad thing Now as much hype as the debt ceiling crisis is getting, it is still widely presumed that the government will come up with some agreement to raise […]

Liberty Blitzkrieg

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus

Hidden Forces

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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