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Don’t Cry For Me Sesame Street, The Truth Is I Don’t Need Your Money

Investors have a light data week ahead with most of the attention going towards the multiple Fed speakers. On the economic front, we have Existing Home Sales and Durable Orders. Fed Members Speak: This week, we have 5 FOMC members scheduled to give speeches across the country including Fed Chair Janet Yellen. After the first rate […]

13F’s (Video Link Included)

Here is video of me discussing 13f filings from the SEC. Below are some details about the discussion: 13F’s are filings where every investor with at least $100M of Assets under management has to file a quarterly position of every stock they own with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors have 45 days from when […]

Russia, Emails and Tweets… Oh My!!!

Investors have a busy week ahead with a string of economic data and continued monitoring of President Trump’s Tweets and Executive orders. On the economic front, we have Manufacturing PMI, the Unemployment Rate, Non-Farm Payrolls and Average Hourly Earnings. Interest Rates: Last week, the odds of the Fed raising interest rates at March’s meeting spiked […]


Gonzo Financial Commentator Max Keiser Announces Possible NC Congressional Run

Max Keiser, a gonzo financial commentator for RT, is known for combining the high-flying drama he learned at NYU acting school with knowledge of trading, currency, and markets he began earning as stock broker on Wall Street in the 1980s. He has gained a reputation amongst proponents of Austrian economic theory and libertarianism as a […]

Doesn’t the Treasury Secretary’s Name Sound Like a Street Fighter 2 Sound? Investors will turn their attention this week toward economic data, Fed Speakers and President Trump’s First Speech to Congress. On the economic calendar we have a heavy week with Consumer Confidence, Durable Orders, 2nd estimate of GDP and the ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI. GDP Second Release: On Tuesday (2/28), we get our second release of US […]

The Markets Keep Going Up and At Them

Investors will stay on their toes as they monitor loose cannon Trump’s possible Tweets, media bashing (and entertaining) press conferences and possible executive orders during the Holiday shortened week. On the economic calendar, we are relatively quiet with Michigan Sentiment and the FOMC Meeting Minutes. Earnings Last Hurrah: Earnings winds down as we have now […]


Trump Protesters Conspicuously Late to the Game: Where Was the Outrage When the Stage Was Being Set?

With protests against Trump actions seemingly only exploding with greater force since his election, there is a critical question that is seldom being asked. Even for one who acknowledges that there is plenty to be protesting against, you have to wonder: Where were the protests in December of 2015 when Obama signed the Consolidated Appropriations […]

Biotech *Trade of the Day: ZYNE

Mixing Colorado, the growing Pot trade, the booming biotech sector, a healthy degree of speculation, and technical analysis, we have the *trade of the day for near, medium, and long-term traders/investors. The company is Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc., with ticker symbol:  ZYNE. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Devon, Pennsylvania, ZYNE is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on […]

Doublewood: Trump’s Call from Taiwan

Call From Taiwan This shows Trump’s ignorance. China policy will not be the only area in which Trump will have to “learn on the job”. By the way, he will soon learn also that being the US President is indeed a “job”, i.e., he is an employee and no longer the owner of a business […]

Doublewood: Why Hillary’s Emails Just Couldn’t Go Away

If, as many now believe, the FBI re-investigation of Hillary’s emails struck a fatal blow to her campaign by precipitously reversing the momentum of voting sentiment, then the hit was made with military precision. The moment I realized that Trump was going to win, I recalled a couple of observations from sources in China. Beginning […]

Doublewood: Only One Evil Remains

Many voters in this election had struggled to decide who between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be the lesser of two evils. Sure enough, after last night, there is only one evil remaining for them — Donald Trump. For many, this does not make them breathe easier. The question remains whether Trump is indeed […]

Doublewood: Game Change In US-China Military Balance

Looks like China’s new fighter jet J-20 (top) is potentially a better plane than even the US F-22 (bottom), which has proven to be extremely expensive to maintain. At the recent Zhuhai air show in China, the J-20 finally made a brief official appearance and discreetly demonstrated a couple of “Bruce Lee” maneuvers (remember to […]

Doublewood: Outcomes of G-20

The Hangzhou Consensus At the conclusion of the Hangzhou Summit, the G-20 issued a 48-point communique. Forty-eight points are exceptionally lengthy for a communique, especially when every word in each point has to be unanimously agreed upon by all 20 attending member-nations. Multinational communiques are generally regarded as “apple-pie-and-motherhood” statements that have neither teeth nor […]

Doublewood: G20 – The Turning Point

G-20 Summit – The Turning Point [September 3, 2016] In the next few days, world leaders will gather in Hangzhou, China for the annual G-20 summit. Unlike previous gatherings, the international community is anticipating this summit to potentially mark an historic turning point. In my closer proximity to what has been going on, I think […]

Weekly Markets Update 6.03.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: Shanghai Composite Index +4.2% Week’s Worst Performer: CAC 40 Index (2.1%) Hey, No Pressure 🙂 Broader Market Commentary: Since Q4 of 2014, the S&P 500 has been trading in a clearly defined sideways channel with two tiers (an upper record-territory tier, and a lower consolidation/risk-off tier). The higher tier is a […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.24.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: Nikkei 225 Index +1.7% Week’s Worst Performer: Crude Oil (4.1%) Broader Market Commentary: The S&P 500 broke its weekly winning streak, falling (0.7%) during the holiday shortened week. The benchmark index is finding some technical resistance around the 2,050 threshold, as it continues to create several different challenging technical headwinds. […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.11.16

Best/Worst Performers: Week’s Best Performer: WTI Crude Oil +9.7% Week’s Worst Performer: Shanghai Composite (2.2%) Broader Market Commentary: The overall broader market continues to churn higher, and is now breaching that pivotal 2,000 threshold on the S&P 500, which would catapult the S&P 500 into its higher 100-point trading range (2,000-2,100). While euphoria seemingly has […]

Weekly Markets Update 3.04.16

Week’s Best Performer: WTI Crude Oil +9.6% Week’s Worst Performer: FTSE 100 Index +1.7% Gold is continuing to outperform Lumber on a rolling 13-week relative performance basis, however, Lumber jumped +9% this week making for a pivotal offense/defense performance matchup week coming up. The S&P 500 has had a tremendous run off its recent lows, […]

Weekly Markets Update 2.26.16

  Week’s BEST Performer:  WTI Crude Oil +6.3& Week’s WORST Performer: Gold -0.4% Gold is continuing to outperform Lumber in the rolling 13-week relative performance. Despite the weekly gains and some bullish sentiment returning to the markets, the S&P 500 is currently in its lower-tier (200-point trading range) between 1,800-2,000, and is forming a very […]

Doublewood: The World’s Money

An Important Meeting This Week An important meeting will be held at the end of this week in Shanghai. It is the G-20 finance ministers meeting in preparation for the formal G-20 gathering of the world’s leaders next month. The main topic of discussion is expected to be the state of the world’s currencies and […]

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus