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Trillion Dollars Debt Spiral

Full-Length Animated Documentary: Our Money System Is A Debt Spiral

The animated story of the system of debt serfdom in the modern West: For those that don’t have 45 minutes to spare, the late great George Carlin is ready with the 3-minute version:

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Awakening 2013: Curtain Coming Down On Criminal Banks?

As it becomes clearer and clearer that mafia-like activity is ubiquitous at the top of all the big banks, the media is increasingly forced to report. As economic conditions continue to stagnate or begin to worsen this year, we’ll see more financial crimes bubble to the surface and a public increasingly aware of who is […]

IMF Cartoon

IMF Paper: End Fractional Reserve & Banker Monopoly on Debt

A paper published last August by IMF Researcher Jaromir Benes and IMF Economist Michael Kumhof suggested revisiting the “Chicago Plan” drafted from the new rush of economic thinking that came in the wake of the Great Depression. The first major idea in the paper proposes eliminating bank runs by eliminating the Fractional Reserve system, requiring […]