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Consumed By Our Creation: AI, Nanotechnology and Existential Risk in the Age of the Singularity

With the proposal to open a “Center for Study of Existential Risk” at Cambridge University, news media are reporting on the possibility that humans may someday produce machines capable of acting on their own and ultimately seeing humanity as a resource threat or, at the very least least, a nuisance. This kind of “science fiction” […]

Pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A Legacy of Slaughter

I love Thanksgiving. The homecooked feast, getting drunk with family, an absurd cache of leftovers ensuring turkey sandwich lunches for weeks afterwards. But every year when it comes, one of the biggest things I’m thankful for is the fact that I’m not going to be slaughtered and have my children raped by a sparkly-eyed, syphilitic […]